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So many ants…

Different species of ants can be found all over Bermuda. While they’re most active during the summer months, ants can be a nuisance all year round.

The best approach to ant control in the home is cleanliness. Any type of food or food particles can attract and provide food for ants. Food should be stored in tight containers. Remove plants that attract ants or control aphids, whiteflies and other insects that produce honeydew. Reduce moisture sources, including condensation and leaks.

Location of the nest is the key to control of ants because they are social insects. Killing large numbers of individual ants may never solve the problem. It is important to identify the species of ant before trying to control the problem. Knowing the species will give you important clues to the habits of the ant and potential sources of the nest. Keep records of where ants are seen. Some ants establish definite trails that can be followed to their nest.

Chemical control of ants can be applied as barrier treatments or direct application to nests. The purpose of a barrier treatment for ants is to prevent outdoor nesting species from foraging indoors or to cut off an indoor nest from food and water sources. Barrier treatments are usually applied behind baseboards, door and window frames, around chimneys, into cracks and crevices, around sinks and toilets, and between walls and flooring. Dust treatments can also be extremely effective. Due to the way Bermuda houses are built, ants can enter through the stone or conduits. Dusts will provide the longest residual control in dry areas and can be tracked into the nest by foraging ants.

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