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Welcome to Bermuda Pest Control, we’ve been keeping our community healthy and safe for generations.

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Who are we…

Bermuda Pest Control has been providing pest control services to the Bermuda community for over 60 years. Our highly trained professionals operate island wide and can be quickly dispatched from our central facility in Warwick to handle any pest control problem that you may have. There is a reason that we are the largest and most experienced pest control company in Bermuda – just ask our customers!

What do we offer…

Bermuda Pest Control is a “one stop shop” that offers a full suite of commercial and residential pest control services for businesses, homes, hotels, and even ships and aircraft. We safely deal with all forms of pest problems encountered in Bermuda, including rodents, cockroaches, ants and termites, using industry recognized and approved techniques.

Why choose us…

We believe that we offer the best value in Bermuda. Our staff are courteous, knowlegeable and highly trained. Our experience spans 60 years of pest control in Bermuda. Our fleet of vehicles is the largest in our local industry and we can react quickly to your needs. Most importantly, we stand behind our work. Our warranty is unmatched and our history shows that you can depend on us to be there in the future when you need us.