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About Bermuda Pest Control

Bermuda Pest Control, Ltd. stands as a model for others in the service industry with state of the art technology, first class equipment, and a philosophy of safety and service. Our friendly and conscientious staff, with their red and blue uniforms, are well known throughout the Island. From one bedroom apartments to five star hotels, office kitchens to office buildings, we offer professional pest control services, by trained, professionals technicians you can trust to get the job done

Who we are

Bermuda pest control, a Bermuda owned company, has been serving Bermuda for over 60 years and is the largest, full service pest control company on the island. With a fleet of over 14 vehicles dispatched from our central facility, Bermuda Pest Control’s courteous fully trained technicians provide on-site service island-wide from Dockyard to St Georges. Bermuda Pest Control offers both Commercial and Residential service for businesses, homes, hotels, and even ships and aircraft. We safely deal with all forms of pest problems encountered in Bermuda, including rodents, cockroaches, ants and termites, using industry recognized and approved techniques. Island wide professional pest control service, warranted effective since 1952

Time of the season…

Did you know that many pests become problematic only at certain times of the year? Our website provides lots of information about these seasonal pests, and can give you lots of tips about how to minimise the impact when they become more active.

So many ants…

Did you know that there are more ants than people on our planet? The numbers are simply staggering and unfortunately they are not going anywhere. However we can show you how to reduce the impact that ants have on you and your family, by observing a few simple rules and keepng them away from where we live and work.

Trees and bushes…

Did you know that trees and bushes are often superhighways for pests – especially if they are touching the walls of your home or business? Make regular inspections for the trees and bushes that put out the welcome mat for uninvited pests.

New Residential Customer?

We are happy to be of service and would like to offer you a discount coupon to welcome you to Bermuda Pest Control. Click here for a printable coupon and please call (441) 232-7378 (that’s BDA-PEST) or click below to send us a description of your issue.