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Termite Inspections

Image of a TermiteTermites do millions of dollars in damage each year in Bermuda. Considering your home might well be your largest investment, you want to take all appropriate measures to protect it. That’s why Bermuda Pest Control is the first name in termite protection island wide. That’s why you need to call Bermuda Pest Control to protect your home and investment. Bermuda Pest Control’s termite professionals use the latest methods and state-of-the art materials to effectively protect your home. Their extensive training and on-going education keeps them informed of the newest treatments and the best solutions for termite infestations.

Photo of Termite
Termite - Ant Comparisons

Termite – Ant Comparison

One common cause for confusion is the visual similarity between Bermuda’s “Flying Ants” that are not a danger to your homes wooden structures, and Termites that do pose a real threat. The fact that they both swarm in the summer months can add to the confusion.

In the case of termites, a swarm locates a point of entry to the building – often a very small spot and proceeds from there to establish one or more colonies that begin the slow inexorable process of turning all of the wooden structures to dust. Since most Bermuda roofs and floors are supported by wooden structures, long term infestation left untreated can have a catastrophic effect on the property

Click on the quick comparison chart to learn about the visual differences between these creatures. Pay particular attention to the waist, antennae and wings for easy identification. Click here for another example that presents even more detail.


Things to keep in mind

If a solution for termites seems “Too good to be true” then it probably is!

Do not be fooled by “Quick and Easy” treatments that rely on surface application of chemicals. The problem is that termites burrow deeeply into wood structures, into areas that cannot be reached by surface treatments. Our penetrating gas process is the only sure method to prevent a resurgence of the colony.

Termites can be busy doing their destructive work and escape detection for years unless you know the signs to look for. Our trained inspectors can teach you what to look for so that you can spot termite infestations at an early stage before serious damage is done.


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