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Wooden Furniture

No one can put a value on fine wood furnture. In many Bermuda homes there are beautiful examples of old world craftsmanship that have been handed down through generations. A little known fact is that a new piece of furniture that is brought in from your home, may be infested with termites that can invade and wreak havoc on the rest of your house and its contents. We fumigate furniture, pianos, and other wooden items at our Warwick Headquarters to completely remove troublesome pests.

Fumigating furniture is a similar procedure to Tent Fumigation of a house – just on a smaller scale. We regularly tent fumigate furniture and like items that show the tell tale signs of termite infestation at our Warwick Depot. This is especially important for anything that is made of wood, that you are bringing in to your home for the first time. If it is indeed infested by termites, over time the voracious little creatures will spread to other wooden items in the house including floors and rafters, posing a danger to the entire house. During tent fumigations of buildings we can often spot the point of entry of these creatures that eventually cause major problems

The process of fumigating furniture or wooden items normally takes about 48 hours or 2 business days. We will make sure that there’s nothing lurking inside that beautiful piece of wooden furniture that should not be there.

Photo of Wood Furniture

Furniture Fumigation

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