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Offices, warehouses, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, guesthouses and schools are just a few examples of businesses that must pay attention to pest control for the health, safety and comfort of their employees and customers.

It’s no surprise that the majority of Bermuda’s commercial organizations trust Bermuda Pest Control to keep their premises pest free. Smaller and less experienced operators are often unable to meet the demands of commercial pest control due to the requirements of after hours servicing and facities that can not be shut down for any extended period due to operational requirements. Restaurant and hotel kitchens are a good example. Areas where food is prepared or stored must be kept free from pests and are inspected on a regular basis by Bermuda’s Health Department. Bermuda Pest Control not only activley engages in solving Pest Problems but also takes a proactive role in showing management and staff procedures that must be followed to prevent pests from coming back.

There is lots that we can each do to prevent pest problems

Did you know that stacks of paper, cardboard and boxes of files are perfect breeding areas for a variety of common pests? Good pest control starts with some basic daily habits that can prevent small problems from becoming more serious.

Many of us will have lunch at our desks without giving it a second thought, when the pressure of the job makes it hard to take a break. What we don’t realize is that all of those small crumbs and miniscule pieces of food that get away from us are a perfect dinner invitation for unwanted pests!

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