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Boats, Aircraft and Vehicles

Boats, Aircraft, Containers and Vehicles move from place to place and may constantly carry different people and cargo. This increases the risk of infestation and requires some special attention to be pest-free.

Vehicles present a unique challenge since they move from place to place and their environment is constantly changing. This means that the usual parking or docking area may be relatively pest free, however there may be times that pests can get a foothold when a different environment comes into play. Furthermore a wide variety of passengers and operators at different times makes the internal environment much harder to control and keep pest-free.

How we travel

Food items that are brought on board and the trash produced from them are the common triggers for problems with ants, roaches and rodents. Often close attention to food handling basics can go a long way to keeping the problems under control. Termites, an obvious problem for wooden boats. The gas used for termite fumigation is specialy formulated to penetrate wood to reach all of the pests hiding there.

During our 60 plus years of service in Bermuda, Bermuda Pest Control has just about seen it all, and we feel confident that we can solve any vehicle based pest problem, and give you good advice on how to prevent re-infestation. Give us a call and enjoy a pest free trip!

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